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Destined For Victory
Bishop David Onimisi

The Leader
God will be
Proud of

ArchBishop Sam Amaga

Wisdom to
Reign in

ArchBishop Sam Amaga

Destined for Victory deals incisively on the fact that, though challenges are threats to existence but they also become stepping stones to your breakthroughs.more
Today, Leadership challenges strongly contend with the success and lifting of leaders both in ministry and the business world...more
You were created to reign in Life but it is the wisdom of God you walk with that will determine the good life you enjoy in Christ..more

Building An Extraordinary Life

Building An Extraordinary Relationship
ArchBishop Sam Amaga

Wired for Success
Wired For Success
Bishop David Onimisi
life in the spirit

Life in the Spiritf
ArchBishop Sam Amaga

To enjoy peace in the home is a product of God's ability resident in you. more Wired for Success - Don't settle for less. The greatest desire of every person is to make success out of life. more Life is not a game of chance. Life is calculated for winning. Why are the mighty failing?
Discover how to more

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